Dear Readers:

I started FS Blog in the summer of 2013 to fill what I perceived as a need of the foreign sovereign community. After representing foreign states for many years, I wrote articles on legal topics that I thought would be of great interest to embassies, consulates, and Ministries of Foreign Affairs, to name a few. But there were few suitable publications in which to publish the articles. Certainly legal journals existed, but their audiences are U.S. lawyers, not diplomats. I wanted to reach the persons whom I thought could most benefit from my articles.

For this reason, FS Blog is not like other blogs. We may publish news snippets to keep readers up to date with relevant legal developments, but the heart of the Blog will be its Articles. These Articles will endeavor to provide discussion and analysis of legal issues that confront foreign sovereigns, their heads of state, officials, instrumentalities, agencies, embassies, consulates, diplomats, and consular officers in U.S. court proceedings. I hope you find the information on FS Blog interesting and useful. Please feel free to email or call me with questions.

Laina Lopez

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